AI-Powered CXI Predictive Engagement: Understand Customer Journeys, Augment Relationships And Boost Sales Conversions

Can you provide valuable information to customers if the customers themselves don’t know that they need this information?

With CXI Predictive Engagement – yes, you can!

Service organizations and their contact centers have access to vast stores of customer data. But they often fail to leverage this data in ways that may benefit both them and their customers. One such way involves using this data to understand and shape customer journeys to drive intelligent and meaningful customer engagements. By doing so, they can deliver enhanced experiences that boost customer loyalty and increase sales conversions.

CXI Predictive Engagement provides a powerful means to automate the process of making predictive recommendations based on user activity history.

Powered by cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, CXI Predictive Engagement. It is a proven way to follow customer journeys in real-time and across every touchpoint to identify opportunities more efficiently and improve customer experiences and drive customers closer to conversions.

Collect the right data and glean rich insights

In today’s hyper-competitive world, where customers switch brands at the speed of light, information is the new currency. Even a single piece of information is enough to convert or lose a customer.

With CXI Predictive Engagement, you can automatically gather valuable data about customer browsing or purchase history, or specific events in each customer’s journey that led to a particular decision (e.g. to call your contact center). You can also review solutions provided to similar problems in the past. CXI Predictive Engagement analyzes all this rich information and its contextual underpinnings to help you glean valuable insights so you can deliver the best customer service and build Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Leverage user-friendly features like self and team notes, and tagging and wrap-up codes, to make each interaction an opportunity for learning and improvement. Agents can add notes to every customer conversation, and provide a useful reference point for other agents when dealing with the same customer in the future. Agents can also classify conversations with multiple tags for easy future access and understanding.

Personalize customer journeys with powerful AI-driven predictive analytics

Delivering memorable customer experiences starts with understanding customers better. And this is exactly what you can do with CXI’s powerful analytics. Apply real-time and comprehensive analytics to get a clear picture of your customers, so you can take steps to personalize their journeys.

AI-driven CXI Predictive Engagement allows you to use segmentation and clustering to analyze customers and understand their true intent. Determine how many customer segments to form and identify the characteristics of each. You can then leverage these segment models to customize journeys and deliver exceptional experiences for each customer who calls your contact center.

Machine Learning technology utilizes data from previous customers and compares that to data about a new prospective customer. It then predicts if they will convert or need some gentle nudging to move them down the sales funnel. To this end, you can provide personalized recommendations and support at just the right moment to increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome. Furthermore, you can assign a human agent to provide proactive support or go the automation route with a virtual agent or chatbot. Either way, with CXI Predictive Engagement, the user gets help right when they need it, and you have a better chance of converting an on-the-fence prospect to a customer.

Know what customers are thinking – at every stage of their journey

Every service organization has wished for magic powers to predict customer behaviors and anticipate their thoughts or needs at some point or another. CXI Predictive Engagement is not magic, but it’s close enough! Now you can predict user behaviors, and foretell the likelihood of events that may indicate shifts in interest – no matter which stage of the journey they’re on. Identify and engage with customers at the right time and on the best channel – human-assisted or automated – even before they contact you. This ensures that you improve their overall experience, which increases customer satisfaction and brings you closer to achieving your business goals.

You can anticipate when to offer live agent support to a particular prospect or lead. Determine their session intent and provide tailored messaging, regardless of where, when, and how they engage. And with the agent sneak peek feature, this intent is visible to agents while customers are still typing!

You can even provide canned or predetermined messages if the customer’s issue is common and has already been resolved in the past. This provides quick resolution to the caller and saves the agent significant time for other value-adding engagements.

Adapt to customer preferences and take informed actions quickly

Today’s customers use multiple channels to contact customer service. Recent research shows that today’s customers use multiple channels – usually between 3 and 5 – to contact customer service. This is one reason why omnichannel contact centers are increasingly the rule, rather than the exception. If you have an omnichannel setup, you need to move as fast as your visitors and be there for them on their preferred channel. And now with CXI Predictive Engagement – you can.

Built-in Machine Learning automatically adjusts preferred channels based on real-time, “in-the-moment” activity. This allows agents to interact with each customer one-on-one with relevant and timely engagement. They can also view 360° interaction history with details of every past transaction for every customer to make informed decisions and maximize conversions. This can increase not only your profitability but also preserve a great customer experience every single time.

Busy agents? Don’t let this become the cause of lost business! Pre-chat and offline forms enable you to continue generating leads, whether your agents are online or away. This is a great way to ensure that you leave no customer unattended or feeling neglected.

Wrap up

Today’s customer appreciates fast, consistent, and personalized service across their preferred channels. But often, they don’t know what they need to solve a problem, minimize a pain point, and improve their lives. CXI Predictive Engagement provides a powerful, technology-driven means to guide users and increase conversions.

With highly-accurate AI and Machine Learning, CXI Predictive Engagement enables contact centers to engage visitors with personalized interactions dynamically. Make accurate predictions about what your customer wants, and take proactive steps to fulfill those wants at the right time, every time.


Martin Katz

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