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Customer support service is no more about answering calls and offering resolutions. In a “digital-first” premise, customers expect a more connected experience rather than a mere solution. They want to feel associated with the support agents as if they are in the same room while discussing problems. Precisely, a real-time fix, which AI-powered live chat support cannot always provide.

On the contrary, an effective visual engagement with the customers helps agents establish an emotional connection with them, suggests Forrester reports.

Enter Co-browsing – one of the most effective, convenient, and hassle-free troubleshooting solutions in recent times.

Providing a quick resolution is not always easy. Moreover, all customers are not tech-savvy enough to pick the instruction and navigate accordingly. With a co-browsing solution, they can share the webpage with the agent, who can then view, operate, and guide on the customers’ behalf.

Empowering your support agents with co-browsing tools helps you reduce customer churn significantly. And, it makes a great revenue source. Because, in the era of cut-throat competition, customer retention is 25X less expensive than acquiring new ones.

Here’s how co-browsing streamlines your customer engagement journey when integrated with live chat.

Co-Browsing Software Solution

Co-browsing Prioritizes Customers’ Privacy

Co-browsing facilitates visual engagement but customer security is never breached. It allows agents to see only your browser screen and can restrict them from accessing other tabs or the screens containing sensitive data. For example, a field asking for credit card details will be a sensitive field and not something you want to expose. Some users relentlessly try to stay anonymous in an attempt to safeguard their privacy. For them, co-browsing offers an ideal solution to engage with the agent and get quick fixes while keeping their identity protected.

Instantly Problem Identification

Customers love live chat since it offers a fix right away. But then, there are times when support agents are not able to figure out the problems. They lack context. The result? Chat time is wasted without any fruitful outcome. With co-browsing tools, agents no longer need to request customers for screen sharing or any other required assistance from the customer’s end. They can instantly gain access to the customers’ screen from their live chat platform. All it takes is just a click of a button and that’s it. This way, it’s easier for the agent to identify the problem and troubleshoot it right away.

Quick Fix in a Single Session

Most of the troubleshooting woes stem from the failure of issue identification. Co-browsing eliminates it by offering agents instant access to the customers’ screen. Which means troubleshooting time is significantly reduced. With co-browsing, agents can directly interact with the customers’ screen, navigate crucial steps, and fix the problem. As agents have full-fledged control over the screen, they can click, scroll, write or draw for them. This helps agents to fix a problem in a single session quickly.

Since every person is not tech-savvy enough to follow the agent’s instructions, controlling their screen helps agents troubleshoot the issue quickly. It helps agents setting up and configuring a solution within a short period.

Better customer satisfaction

Embedding co-browsing technology to your live chat platform helps agents deliver 10x better customer satisfaction. Just imagine how much time is wasted in making people understand the troubleshooting steps. On the contrary, co-browsing allows real-time fixes without any downloads or installations from the customers’ end. In fact, the support process is frictionless. All they have to do is click “Allow” when the agent requests access to their screen. According to a Forrester survey, co-browsing alone can generate more than 78% higher customer satisfaction over email, phone, or chat support. However, when tagged with live chat, co-browsing offers increased convenience, real-time guidance, and that too without breaching customers’ privacy or compromising on the quality of services.

Increases Team Productivity

With co-browsing software, you can improve your team’s productivity at the same time while delivering top-notch CX. As you already know, co-browsing eliminates everything that causes miscommunication and delayed support. There’s no guesswork or going back-and-forth with your customer support process when embracing the co-browsing technology. This way, you can improve your support metrics while having real-time insight into the amount of time spent with a customer during a live chat. It certainly frees up a lot of time, which the agents can utilize in handling more requests.

Co-browsing Enhances your Live Chat Support

While co-browsing alone can take the support process to a new height, it also enhances the entire mechanism when embedded with your live chat platform. People have already loved live chat support since it offers real-time results, but for a user who is not tech-savvy, following the guidance of the support agent becomes a challenge. Co browsing comes in to bridge this knowledge gap. Embracing this technology enables agents to deliver instant answers, real-time fixes right from the customer’s screen without any screen sharing. Most importantly, it lets your agents gather data every time they perform any action, which in the long run helps you build up an informed decision.



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